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How many years I have you been industry?

I’ve been in the health and beauty industry for 32 years. 


Where are you from? 

Born in Saskatoon, raised in Calgary.


What’s your favorite food/drink?

Turkey Dinner and anything from my Nespresso machine. 


Coolest place you travelled? 

Kenya for African Safari - my favorite part was visiting a Masai Village.


Why did I choose the industry? 

It was in my blood since the age of 3 1/2 when I cut my sisters pig tails off! My career started as a Journeyperson Hairstylist. But due to skin allergies with product, I had to switch gears. I knew I still wanted to work in an industry with people - one on one. I love building relationships with my clients. It’s very rewarding seeing clients happy and comfortable with the beauty services I provide. 


Tell us something about your self:

Unbeknownst to me, I once dined with a Prince from the Middle East. And yes, he paid.

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